CEAD combines scientific analytical principles and 28 years of design experience to produce efficient solutions to engineering challenges. With expertise in dynamics, thermofluids and structural engineering, we can meet diverse customer demands.

Customer project briefing
Desktop research
Identify technology options
Technical requirements specification
Concept development
Detailed design
Prototype technology demonstrator
Deployment, validation and testing

CEAD is a family-owned business based in Cambridge, UK, specialising in providing solutions to engineering and design problems involving:

  • fluid flow,
  • heat transfer,
  • electronics cooling,
  • structural design and
  • dynamics analysis.

Our design process is the culmination of 28 years of thermofluids engineering experience at industry-leading companies in:

  • the measurement and systems,
  • oil and gas,
  • telecommunications and
  • technology consultancy sectors.

We use classical and empirical methods incorporated into our own tools to derive solutions, as well as using various computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) packages to visualise and simulate complex problems. Greater insight is gained through the comparison of these calculated results with experimental data and testing, wherever possible. CEAD’s experience gained from years of comparing these experimental and numerical results enables us to qualify our predictions, enabling us to provide our customers with realistic and practical solutions.